Antarctic Adventure

To celebrate our topic we went on an Antarctic expedition. Firstly, we were given a series of clues that led us all around school finally leading us on to the field. After everyone had managed to complete our initial task we then split into three groups to create our dens using string, tarpaulin and bamboo. We had to use team work in order to put our shelters up which was made even more difficult by the wind.

Maths Week

This week was a school wide maths week with a particular focus on maths in the workplace. Year 5 and year 6 looked at how maths impacts the role of an engineer so on Friday morning we undertake a problem solving activity that helped us understand the skills the job required. We were give some items to build a structure with certain specifications; the base had to be the size of A4 paper, it had to hold the weight of an orange and it had to stand without anyone touching it. The children worked in house teams to design and create a structure. The winning teams design was quite simple but was incredibly effective as it used a strong and stable base.

Antarctic writing

On Wednesday we went outside in the snow and imagined that we were in Antarctica.  We used this as a stimulus to help kick start some excellent creative writing. We wrote from the viewpoint of our Antarctic explorer who is trapped on a mountainside. The children produced some work of the highest quality particularly Musa and Jayden who wrote two excellent pieces.


Team building

This week in PE we undertook several team building exercises. We initially ordered our class from tallest to smallest without speaking which proved to be quite a challenge for some people in the class. Following this we worked in small groups to use parts from the scrap shed to help build a walkway to get us over the ‘Antarctic Ocean.’

Prime Numbers Investigation

We undertook a investigation to work out if all square numbers could be made by simply adding two prime numbers. We found that when we had an odd square number, we had to have a number that adds on to 2 to make the square number and sometimes this number wouldn’t be prime. For example, to make 121 with two primes, one of the primes has to be 2, and 119 is not prime.

Take over day

On Friday 5RA had 4 new teachers (Mr Perry, Mr Wood, Mr Manota and Mr Lekkas) who helped take the class for the morning. All four did an excellent job of deliverying different parts of the lesson and helping out the children who were stuck with their work.



Macbeth from a crow’s perspective

We looked at one of the key scenes in the play were a despondent Macbeth seeks further advice from the three witches. We decided to describe this scene from the perspective of a crow flying over the baron heath. Alexia wrote an excellent piece that really encapsulated the atmosphere of the scene by describing both the setting and characters in great detail.


Is this a dagger I see before me?

We looked at another pivotal point in the play, Macbeth’s decision, on whether to kill the king. The scene brought about some great discussion and allowed us to have our own conscience alley in which the class is divided in two with one row telling Macbeth to kill the king and other to spare his life. Yjesh’s diary entry as Macbeth was stunning and really encapsulated the character’s hesitance and confusion.